Children & Youth

Children and Youth are always welcome in worship.


Children are always welcome in worship. Sunday school for all school age children meets in "The Upper Room" (.....the balcony) Nursery Care is also available. .

Youth Group!


Broom Ball, Bible Study, Food, Worm Races, Service Work........ Just some of what we do as we journey together in faith.


6th - 12th Graders

Our youth program is for young people, grades 6 through 12. Sometimes we meet together sometimes we don't. It all depends on what we are doing!

Days & Times

Most Sundays we all meet (6th-12th) from 6:00 - 7:30 PM. Join Us!

Keep your eyes open and your phones on!

We will be using this Website, FB, texts, messenger, e-mails, even old fashion flyers to let you know what's happening now and in the future!

You are welcome to join us.

We are all on a journey of faith. It is our goal to create a safe place to ask questions, share thoughts and wrestle with current events. As we travel together we will ask questions like: where is God in this, what does this tell me about God, what is God calling me to do?