About Us

Children and Youth are always welcome in worship.


Sunday School and Nursery Care are available. The first Sunday of the month we celebrate Communion and everyone stays in worship.

Youth Group!


Broom Ball, Bible Study, Food, Worm Races, Service Work........ Just some of what we do as we journey together in faith.


6th - 12th Graders

Our youth program is for young people, grades 6 through 12. Sometimes we meet together sometimes we don't. It all depends on what we are doing!

Days & Times

Most Sundays we all meet (6th-12th) from 6:00 - 7:30 PM. Join Us!

Keep your eyes open and your phones on!

We will be using this Website, FB, texts, messenger, e-mails, even old fashion flyers to let you know what's happening now and in the future!

You are welcome to join us.

We are all on a journey of faith. It is our goal to create a safe place to ask questions, share thoughts and wrestle with current events. As we travel together we will ask questions like: where is God in this, what does this tell me about God, what is God calling me to do?

Permission Form

All youth participating in activities off the Bethany Presbyterian Church property need to provide a  signed permission form.  We will have a link to this form soon. For now cut, paste and print a copy. 


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Permission Form


Bethany Presbyterian Church, Grants Pass

Permission & Emergency Medical/Contact Information for Children and Youth Activities

Child/Youth name: _______________________________________________

(Last)  (First)   (M.I.)

Birthdate: __________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

Street, City, State, Zip

Home Phone: __________________________________

Parent(s)/Custodial Adult(s)’ Name(s): ____________________________________

Parent(s)/Custodial Adult(s) Phone numbers:

Work phone(s): _____________________ _____________________

Cell phone(s): ______________________ ______________________

In case of emergency contact:

1)  Name:____________________________ Daytime phone: ___________________

Relationship:_______________________ Evening phone: ____________________

Name and phone number of primary treating physician:

Allergies (including medications child/youth can NOT take) / Special Health Concerns:

Medical Insurance Company: __________________________________Policy #_______________

As the parent(s) or custodial adult(s) of ____________________________, I/we give permission for him/her to participate in the Cellphone Scavenger Hunt on Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018.   

I/we give permission to Bethany Presbyterian Church, its agents, staff, and volunteers to obtain urgent or emergency medical care for my/our child, and I/we authorize health care providers to render such care as may be necessary. It is understood that reasonable efforts will be made to contact me/us prior to obtaining such care, but I/we authorize such care whether I/we are contacted or not, and I/we agree to be financially responsible for such care.

I realize and accept that in the event of my child’s behavior adversely affecting the safety of the activity, the organizers reserve the right to return my child home. 

Name ________________________ Signature _________________________ Date___/___/___